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Company of Heroes Mappack -> Afrika Mappack
« am: 07. August 2010, 23:30:47 »
Name: Afrika Mappack
Size: 17.53 MB
Developer: $ TEXAS $

Download das Afrika Mappack


$ TEXAS $ is in the house with a killer map pack that will keep you busy with some awesome Company of Heroes goodness! This map pack, which contains three maps, requires that you either have the expansion Opposing Fronts or Patch v2 or higher. As you would expect, the maps contained in the Afrika Mappack have an African theme with the ambiance of the desert.

      The map found in this download are:
          o Desert Fox: (4p map)
                + This map takes in the desert, with a small town and a central hill. There is also a small canyon to bypass the hill and sneek around to the enenies side. The differences in this map from the original maps are:
                  simply new ground textures and a few new items.
          o Canyon: (4p map)
                + This map, also in the desert, takes place a the mouth of a large canyon. Each team must navigate through the canyon to the other side. The canyon is narrow and the only path for tanks. The top sides of the canyon are infantry only access. So infanrty and armor are both very important in this map.
          o Desert Hill: (single-player)
                + This is a single player style map. The map plays best as American or British, but you can play as Axis. Play the map with fixed position and, although the player armies don't matter it looks best with the following set up:

                     1. American
                     2. British
                     3. Axis
                     4. Panzer Elite
            All four slots must be filled. The general idea is to hold the hill (as the Allies) for 40min, you will receive paradrops and some support units at certain intervals during the game. You can recieve extra Armor support by holding the bridge. If the Allies lose the hill before 40min or lose all there units they lose.