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7 Days to die - Alpha Patch 1.1a
« am: 28. Oktober 2013, 14:50:39 »

Security hotfix
Mac version support
New recipes for brick, decayed brick, pavers red wood
Fixed console pop up on errors bug
Improved Memory management
Duplicate item exploit fixed
Fixed damage delay on spike traps for the player
Fixed bug that when placing chest it was filled with loot
Fixed bug that zombies dance on stairs
Fixed bug that fat zombie broke the stairs
Server checks client on connection if this client is activated
Max player limit is now 6 in GUI mode
Password is encrypted now in registry and on web access
Fixed bug when close shots went through zombies
Fixed bug that doors had wrong orientation on placing them
Fixed problem that if during reloading clip was removed gun was full though by removing clip on start of reload
Fixed exploit that two people could pick up an item at the same time
Important – New dedicated server command line syntax change you use -OPTION=VALUE, like -port=8 (old was -port 8)

New Dedicated Server command line options

gamemode=0|1 (0 = coop, 1= pvp). In pvp you dont see the other player on the map
maxplayers=X (any number <= 64 is valid). In GUI mode max players is always 8
difficulty=X (X between 1 and 10, limits the wave spawning to day X)
world=X (name of the world to load, currently only Navezgane)
name=X (name of the game)
dedicated (must be last option to start the dedi server)
ip=X (ip the dedicated shall listen on, this is only for the extra socket connections. Unity listening cannot be limited)